Michael Silver

Mediator & Arbitrator
In Association with the Honourable Gerald F. Day

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A Proven Mediation Record

Michael Silver has a consistent record of settling even the most difficult cases across a broad range of subject matters. He has a sound understanding of the complexities of legal argument and for the substantive issues raised in complicated cases.


Michael Silver has arbitrated for parties such as employees & employers, shareholders, director/officers and business partners, beneficiaries and claimants to an estate, and many more. Michael Silver's arbitrations are independent, informal, focused and fair. His reasons for decision are well written.


The mediator's function is to open lines of communication and to work hard to champion a settlement.
The arbitrator's function is to adjudicate fairly and with an open mind in an efficient and focussed manner.


Thomson Building,
65 Queen Street W. 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5H 2M5
Phone: (416) 656-3841
Fax: (416) 656-8143

“Thank you for facilitating our mediation...Although the task of a mediator is indeed an arduous one, your sensitive and sincere approach provided a calm and positive environment...You have enabled us to find peace and closure. We are truly grateful. The world is a wonderful place because of people like you. Thank you.” (Kathryn Sue-Chan)