Michael Silver

Mediator & Arbitrator
In Association with the Honourable Gerald F. Day

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Mediated Parties

Michael Silver has mediated for the following parties:

  • Employees & Employers
  • Shareholders, Directors/Officers & Business Partners
  • Beneficiaries and Claimants to an estate
  • Landlords and Tenants
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claimants and their AB Insurer
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claimants and the Tort Insurer
  • Manufacturers and Consumers
  • Debtors and Creditors
  • Purchasers and Vendors of land or a business or equipment
  • Insured and Property Insurers (home, marine, cargo, etc.)
  • Neighbours
  • Contractors, Owners and Trades
  • Energy & Oil and Gas Companies
  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments
  • Airlines
  • Railways and Transit Commissions
  • Banks, Insurance Brokers and Credit Unions
  • Religious and Community Organizations
  • Lawyers and Clients & Doctors and Patients
  • Accountants and Clients & Architects and Clients
  • Financial Advisors and Clients
  • Media (print, broadcast)
  • Members of a Class