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Mediation and Negotiation: Representing Your Clients

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The Law of Confidential Communications in Canada

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Solicitor-Client Privilege in Canadian Law

• The Publishers (Butterworths 1993)

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Testimonials Regarding the Book “Mediation & Negotiation: Representing Your Clients”

“I would like to congratulate you on producing an excellent book which is a very useful guide in an expanding field in which you have been a pioneer.” (Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice of Ontario)

“I am not surprised that you are feeling a bit drained, because you have had to combine the writing of a highly original book with inevitable family demands…The (mediation book) looks excellent in every way-scholarly, wide ranging and timely. I will certainly try to spread the word on this side of the Atlantic, and I very much hope that the book receives proper recognition.” (Professor Sir David Williams, Vice Chancellor, Cambridge University, UK)

“I have reviewed the book and I think it is an excellent source of information for practicing lawyers about negotiation and mediation. I especially like the fact that it is practical in its orientation and it has numerous helpful suggestions regarding advocacy techniques….I appreciate the thought that went into the book and your clear way of explaining ways the mediation and negotiation process can be effectively used by advocates. It is one of the very few books I have read that examines the mediation/negotiation process from the perspective of the advocate who needs to know how to use those processes to their maximum advantage.” (Greg Relyea)